La SASEL - Société Aygulfoise Sports Et Loisirs - est une association à but non lucratif, régie par les dispositions de la loi du 1er juillet 1901. Elle a été créée en 1965. Son but essentiel est d'apporter une contribution à l'animation du quartier de Saint-Aygulf par l’organisation d’activités sportives, culturelles ou de loisirs, répondant au mieux aux besoins des habitants de tous âges. Plus d'infos ...




SAISON 2020 - 2021


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The SASEL (Société Aygulfoise Sports ELoisirs) is a non-profitmaking Sports and Leisure Association of Saint-Aygulf, governed by the provisions of the Act of July 1, 1901. It was created in 1965 and celebrated its fiftieth anniversary on June 6, 2015 with a major public event.
Its essential purpose is to contribute to the life of Saint-Aygulf by organising sports, cultural and leisure activities which best meet the needs of all.
The Association organises many physical and ethical activities for the youth of Saint-Aygulf. It also organises many events related to the activities of each of its sections (art & craft exhibitions, sports demonstrations, etc.), or independent of these (garage sales, lotteries, etc.). The SASEL also participates in external events that meet its purpose.

To facilitate communication, sharing of information and exchanges, members meet regularly at social gatherings organised by the Association (Twelfth Night cake, appetisers, dinner dances, etc.).

The members refrain from any philosophical, political or religious affairs in the meetings and activities of the Association. Any actions or discussions of a political nature are strictly prohibited.

 The resources available to the SASEL to achieve its purpose are fourfold:

1. Tangible Assets: 

- Individual headquarters comprising an administrative area and an activity room.
- Halls for exhibitions and activities made available by the Municipality of Fréjus.
- A gymnasium made available by the Municipality of Fréjus for sporting activities.
- The swimming pool at the Base Nature made available by the Municipality of Fréjus.

- The equipment required by different sections for the performance of their various educational and craft activities.

2. Human resources:

- A Management Board, made up of active volunteers.
- Heads of Section, all experienced volunteers.
- External paid assistants for certain activities.

- An administrative secretary paid by the Association.

3. Financial resources:

- An annual subsidy granted by the Municipality of Fréjus.
- Different membership fees for certain sections.
- Income from certain events.

4. Means of communication:

- The website of the Association as well as a Facebook page.
- Various paper documents (posters, flyers, etc.).
- Various local partnerships (radio, tourist information office, shops, etc.).

The SASEL has about a thousand members. The Statutes and Code of Conduct can be viewed or downloaded from the administration menu on the website's home page.